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Reuben Russell of Birmingham Demonstrates How Companies Can Give Back

Reuben Russell Explains How His Company Has Given Back to His Community

Communities thrive because of businesses that choose to give back to their respective underserved communities. Not all companies give back, either because they don’t want to or because they don’t know how to. Model companies provide a demonstration of how to support the communities they operate in. Reuben Russell Birmingham, the President, and CEO of The Russell Management Group in Huntsville, Alabama, explains how his company gives back.

One of the ways that Reuben Russell Birmingham has given back is by exploring some of the major events that are used for fundraising within the city. Being a native of Huntsville, Reuben was very familiar with the John Stallworth Celebrity Golf Tournament and the scholarship foundation. He continued to give to the tournament on an annual basis.

Reuben Russell feels that the John Stallworth tournament is a great example of what can happen when a community comes together for a good cause. The tournament funds for the John Stallworth Foundation, responsible for providing merit-based scholarships to those who want to attend Alabama A&M University.

Education for today’s youth is absolutely critical, and Reuben Russell Birmingham wants to make sure that he participates in efforts. Rather than donating on an individual basis, give back in a way that supports the entire community.

In addition to donating to the golf tournament every year, Reuben Russell Birmingham also has an annual “Giveback Day” from his business. This type of event, it’s not just about money. He gets all of his employees involved to give back to the community. In 2019, he partnered with the Huntsville Inner City Church of Christ. His company donated funds, and his employees donated their time. They made hotdogs, hamburgers and fed a significant number of people throughout the community.

Charity work has always been important to Reuben Russell. He has watched how communities have thrived as a result of businesses that give back. He decided to be one of those charitable companies when he founded the Russell Management Group. Reuben Russell is always exploring ways to make a difference throughout his hometown in Alabama.

In addition to volunteering and donating money, Reuben Russell Birmingham is also a member of the Alabama Business Council. He has been involved in several committees, including tax and fiscal policy, small business, and judicial and legal reform. It’s an opportunity to give back to the local businesses in Alabama and serve as a model leader to help businesses of all sizes become the best that they can be. As a result, the Small Business Association identified him as an “Emerging Leader” in 2015.

Over the years, Reuben Russell Birmingham has had a chance to talk to business owners of all sizes. He urges everyone to move forward with ways to give back to their community, whether it’s donating money, time, or getting involved in local events.

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